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Founded in 2017, Centurion Capital Management is a leading figure within the investment world, providing unique and trustworthy investment opportunities for all.

Centurion Capital Management operates in accordance with a clear and exciting mission: to offer an innovative approach to investment, one that is lucrative, sustainable and accessible. This mission statement, established during our company’s early days, underpins all that Centurion Capital Management does, and plays a major role in defining our company’s culture, aims and values.

Centurion Capital Management prides itself on delivering upon promises, providing an array of options to clients, and bringing comfort through returns on investments. We do, in essence, truly see ourselves as Positive Wealth Creators, capable of changing lives and having a positive impact on society.

By focusing on investment via marketing, we separate ourselves from ordinary firms within the sector. Put differently, by working alongside high-profile firms – many of whom dominate the world of online marketing – Centurion Capital Management is able to stay ahead of the competition and offer exclusive investment opportunities to clients.

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The founders

Karpreet Randhawa (CEO)

Karpreet Randhawa is the root of this thriving organisation. A passion for helping people move up the financial ladder is fuelled by a charitable mindset. His background consists of working with industry leading organisations and their marketing tactics…. more

Dara Randhawa (CFO)

As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Centurion Capital Management, Dara is responsible for managing the financial activities of the company
across all departments. Dara takes leadership of the company to determine optimal strategies for financial investment to ensure year on year growth at Centurion Capital Management…more

“Dealing with ccm has been easy from day one they’re very professional in what they do, great returns on your investment and will
definitely be investing more in the future. 5/5”

Stephen Leathley.

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