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About Us

Founded in 2017, Centurion
Capital Management is a leading figure within the investment world, providing unique and trustworthy investment opportunities for all.

Centurion Capital Management prides itself on being one of a very few investment companies that invest according to Shariah principles.

Centurion Capital Management does not pay their investors by interest nor charge their clients any interest. Funds are generated through halal investments and shared on a profit sharing structure that has been put in place. This has led
CCM to have a large customer database across the globe as investors often opt for this type of structure as it often offers less risk to you.

We invest client funds according to the Islamic finance principles therefore making all investments halal. We place huge emphasis on ethics and justice, so that a balance is achieved between religion, family, life, intellect, and property.
Moreover, the focus we have on partnerships with our clients are to be mutually financially beneficial opposed to simply just making money.

Centurion Capital Management operates in accordance with a clear and exciting mission: to offer an innovative approach to investment, one that is lucrative, sustainable and accessible. This mission statement, established during our company’s early days, underpins all that Centurion Capital Management does, and plays a major role in defining our company’s culture, aims and values.

Centurion Capital Management prides itself on delivering upon promises, providing an array of options to clients, and bringing comfort through returns on investments. We do, in essence, truly see ourselves as Positive Wealth Creators,
capable of changing lives and having a positive impact on society.

By focusing on investment via marketing, we separate ourselves from ordinary firms within the sector (who predominantly concentrate their investment opportunities around stocks, shares and property). Put differently, by working alongside high-profile firms – many of whom dominate the world of online marketing – Centurion Capital
Management is able to stay ahead of the competition and offer exclusive investment opportunities to clients.

Centurion Capital Management is proud to have relationships with dozens of organisations around the globe, helping them to market their companies online and gain traction to their websites. We do all of this in order to ensure that these organisations are generating sales and maximising their
business opportunities. These marketing campaigns are funded through client investments, meaning that all parties can benefit from the increased exposure and growth of global brands.

In a hugely competitive and challenging industry, the dominant players ensure that they stay ahead of the game by prioritising marketing. This is exactly what Centurion Capital Management does. So, to invest successfully, choose the Centurion way.

“What a truly amazing company! My experience dealing with CCM has been nothing short of a 1st class. Exceptional customer service and fantastic returns on investment with literally no stress or worry.”

AJ Sahota

Stats & Figures

Year End 2022
Projected Target £75 Million

Year End 2021
Projected £20.1 Million

Year End 2020 – £11.2 Million
Year End 2019 – £3.8 Million
Year End 2018 – £1.4 Million
Year End 2017 – £400,000

Grew Fund over 300% due to covid success in online marketing

2019 average client investment – £19,000
2020 average client investment – £31,000
2021 average client investment – £35,000

Over 600 Clients

Centurion Capital Management is committed to providing a fresh, sustainable and rewarding entry into the investment world. Having operated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognise how levels of financial security have been affected, and how many people have been sceptical of investment opportunities. Nevertheless, thanks to our personable, clear and thorough approach, we are pleased to be seeing increasing levels of investment from clients month-on-month, which we expect to continue in the long-term.

We are proud to have achieved so much in the past 4 years, and we welcome new clients to a rapidly growing market. We hope that this will be the start of a very long and lucrative relationship for everyone, and that the work we do will be able to have a good effect on the world around us.

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