In line with Centurion Capital Management’s core values, Centurion Foundation has been formed for those that are less fortunate among us. Centurion Foundation aims to support local communities, youth development, and poverty stricken families.

Local Communities

Centurion foundation provides financial support for communities worldwide. This includes funding for development of schools, hospitals & elderly care. We also provide financial aid for social housing & environmental issues.

Youth Development

We work closely with experts and take local and national approach to co-design solutions to better youth development. We work jointly with youth clubs, teachers, and schools to provide resources that they need to provide valuable education to children.

Centurion Foundation have supported vulnerable youth by arranging local sports, assisting youth clubs to ensure that they are not involved in any criminal activities. Furthermore, we provided financial aid to provide facilities for the youth to further develop their passion in sports and art.

Poverty Stricken Families

Centurion Foundation helps poverty-stricken families across the globe. We work closely with families that have been victims of war, oppression and financial exploitation. Statistically, the poor are more than twice likely to be affected by crime.

We openly support other foundation with the same values, and we believe that no family should be living without necessities. We have held workshops as well as training programmes to better the skills of individuals to allow them the best possible opportunity to secure a job and build a future career. Our vision is to improve the quality of life for such families by breaking the cycle of poverty.

Pavandeep Kaur Toor

Head of Centurion Foundation

As head of the Centurion Foundation, Pavandeep ensures that the foundation supports a varied array of charities and people in need. The foundation is an integral part of Centurion Capital Management and Pavandeep ensures that the foundation is in line with the company’s core values and aims. With a BA (Hons) degree and a Masters it’s no surprise that Pavandeep loves to read, one of her favourite books being Pride and Prejudice. Pavandeep loves to travel and New York has a special place in her heart as all her favourite TV programs are based there.

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