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Do you offer the same affiliate marketing deal to all organisations?.

No, every affiliate deal we have is unique to the relevant company. We base our deals on each company’s commission structure and the way in which they would like us to direct traffic to them. For each company, however, we have certain requirements that need to be satisfied for us to agree to an affiliate deal. These requirements are discussed and agreed upon during our initial consultations.

How often do your affiliate deals change and does this affect returns?

Our affiliate deals are subject to small levels of change, but only in order to adapt to the growing market. We can do this thanks to the proven success of previous affiliate deals, which enables us to stick to our central affiliate marketing strategies. In other words, deals change as the market fluctuates. Do not worry though, because this will have minimal impact on our investors as we would never end or start a new deal if we didn’t believe it would satisfy our requirements.

Will you always have affiliate deals in place?

Simply put, yes. Affiliate marketing is a growing industry, which we are keen to tap into in order to generate strong returns for our investors. What is more, given the advertising restrictions in certain industries, affiliate marketing is extremely profitable for all. There are thousands of affiliate deals available for thousands of companies and because of our proven track records we always secure the best deals.

Why do I not get paid the first month of my investment?

Due to the way that our in-house marketing cycle works, we need to use the first month to generate interest on the investment amount. Though a proportion of your investment amount is put into our in-house marketing cycle in the first month, your investment only generates a return once it been part of the cycle for longer than a month, which is why your first return is paid in month 2.

Why do I not get paid for the last two months of my withdrawal notice period?

We ask for a maximum of 120 days to return your investment when you provide us with written notice. For the final 60 days of the notice period, clients do not receive returns because their funds will have been withdrawn from the cycle and will not be generating any yield.

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