As Centurion CM works with brands and organisations all over the world, there are some measures we have had to put into place to make sure that all client expectations are adhered too. It is therefore Centurion CM commits to a single fixed date on which the returns will be paid to the investor on a monthly basis. The return can be paid on a choice of dates within that retrospective month.


A notice of withdrawal can be made to Centurion CM at any time throughout the lifetime of the investment. This will trigger a return of the full initial amount invested to be repaid back to the investor. This does not include any returns that have been generated.
From when the withdrawal notice is received, Centurion CM have 120 days to return the initial investment back in full to the client. For this period of withdrawal, the first 60 days the client will continue to receive returns that have been generated on their funds, and for the last 60 days they will not. This is because the funds will have been withdrawn from the cycle and will not be generating any yield.

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