Centurion CM has a fund that is used to run marketing material online for various organisations.
Let’s say company ‘X’ would like to promote a certain product. We will call the product ‘Y’. Company X would supply Centurion CM with marketing material that would be suitable to promote Y. Centurion CM would then use the fund to cover the marketing spend to promote the material via pay-per-click campaigns on social media platforms, YouTube and search engines.

However, the material is not just presented to anyone, this is only shown to users that may have an interest in product Y. This information is researched and located by our teams enabling us to be very accurate in the market that we target. For every click that a user makes on the promotion, a commission is registered for Centurion CM.

That commission paid by company X is registered with an affiliate manager who then feeds back the total earnings within a certain time frame.

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The fund that we hold is made up of hundreds of investors. The total value of this fund at the end of 2020 is 9 Million.

Each investor is paid a proportion of the yield on a monthly basis. This is a fixed rate in line with your agreement.

The return is calculated and distributed evenly based on the total amount a client has invested.

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