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The Investment Approach.

Centurion Capital Management’s investment approach is centred around a central fund. This fund is used to help a number of organisations to market their product(s) or service(s) online, thereby ensuring that they generate good levels of traffic to their sites. This traffic is what leads to strong levels of sales and business activity. Before explaining how clients contribute to this fund, it’s important to know how we, internally, use this fund.

Step 1

A company (Company A) expresses interest in promoting their good/service (product B).

Step 2

Following their initial expression of interest, Company A has an initial consultation with Centurion Capital Management. During this initial
consultation, Company A gives Centurion Capital Management the relevant marketing materials for
Product B.

Step 3

After the exchange of information, Centurion Capital Management uses the central fund to finance the marketing campaign for Product B.
This campaign would focus primarily on pay-per-click campaigns on social media platforms, YouTube and high-performing search engines.

It’s important to note that Centurion Capital Management does not simply offer a generalised marketing campaign to its partnered organisations. Instead, each campaign involves in-depth research and planning, which ensures that the marketing material is directed towards interested consumers. Consequently, each marketing campaign is highly-targeted and accurate, therefore meaning that it will result in a high number of clicks.

For every click that a user makes on the promotion, a commission is registered for Centurion Capital Management. Each commission is registered with an affiliate manager, who is responsible for providing feedback on the total earnings within a certain time frame. As part of our strategy, Centurion Capital Management ensures that the expenditure on advertisement is lower than the commission generated by each advert. We do this so that each organisation can yield a healthy return on their advertising and media spend.

“What a truly amazing company! My experience dealing with CCM has been nothing short of a 1st class. Exceptional customer service and fantastic returns on investment with literally no stress or worry.”

AJ Sahota


The Investment Approach.

The fund that we hold is made up of hundreds of investors. Many of these investors are registered as HNW investors from across a variety of sectors. This means that the financial support behind our central fund is diverse and far-reaching. At the end of 2020, the total value of Centurion Capital Management’s fund was £9 Million.

As a result of their contribution to our central fund, each investor is paid a proportion of the yield on a monthly basis. This proportion is paid at a fixed rate in line with your agreement (the agreement is made at the very beginning of your investment with Centurion Capital Management). The proportioned return is calculated and distributed evenly based on the total amount a client has invested. To better understand our Client Mechanism, we’ve outlined how the investment cycle at Centurion Capital Management functions.

Notice of Withdrawal

A notice of withdrawal can be sent to Centurion Capital Management at any time throughout the lifetime of the investment. This will trigger a return of the initial investment amount, in full, which will subsequently be repaid to the
investor. This does not include any returns that have been generated.

From the date on which the withdrawal notice is received, Centurion Capital Management have 120 days to return the initial investment back (in full) to the client. During this period of withdrawal, the client will continue to receive returns that have been generated on their funds over the first 60 days. For the last 60 days, clients will not receive returns (because the funds will have been withdrawn from the cycle and will not be generating any yield).

Really reassuring and comforting. Have kept their promises with the investments and have been approachable from the start and continuing to be there whenever I have questions. Been delivering on all their promising. Can’t ask for anything else.

Raghav Sharma.

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